Hype or Over-hype?

Xytomax Reviews – Information you should know…

review of xytomaxThe size of penis is like money – the more the better! No matter if the physicians say that you don’t need to have a massive weapon to satisfy your girl, men always crave for a huge penis – partly because of preference shown by many girls for a bigger penis. Xytomax male enhancement pills exploit this male craving for size and girth gains by promising enhanced erectile size and increased sexual stamina. Xytomax Cowley has been claimed to have undergone rigorous clinical testing.

However, we are not convinced by the claims in the absence of any tangible results from the trials.

Xytomax Pills Review – Xytomax Ingredients

Xytomax ingredients are said to contain naturally occurring compounds that are known for improving male sexual health. With Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), which is known to elevate dopamine levels in the males, Xytomax was supposed to prove a potent product for males starved of sexual satisfaction.However, despite all the promise and its natural content, Xytomax has failed to live up to its claimed reputation.

The problem with Xytomax ingredients seems to be disproportionate mixture of the compounds. Dr. Cowley, despite all his efforts, just could not come up with a herbal and botanical concoction that can beat the competition and deliver promising results as claimed on their website.

Xytomax Pills Review – Do They Work?

The difference between Xytomax reviews you get to read on other websites and Xytomax our reviews is the analysis of Value-for-Money quotient of this product. These male enhancement pills do not come cheap and when you add the negativity surrounding the working of the product, Xytomax becomes a touch-me-not product.

Despite having some of the best ingredients, the makers of Xytomax pills failed to come up with a formulation that can effectively execute the vasodilatation of the penis. This results in practically no change in either size of the penis or quality of erections, as opposed to “harder, longer-lasting erections” as promised on the website.

At best, Xytomax is a placebo that may give you the satisfaction of having taken a pill to increase the penis size, but in effect, results in zero changes in the hormonal production or testosterone supplemental value. Even the modest claims of gains up to “1-3 inches in penis size from using the product seem too far-fetched.

Xytomax may disappoint many users due to disproportionate use of the ingredients. It won’t be a bad idea to try products that have a proven track record of performing without fail for men looking for improved sex life.

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