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X4 Labs Penis Extender Review – Better Technology Better Results!

x4 labs extender reviewX4 Labs is known to produce quality male enhancement products. Their Penis Stretcher is epitome of quality we have come to associate with X4 Labs. One of the distinguishing features about this penis stretcher is innovation and research that has gone into its manufacture.

Instead of copying the technology and features of other products in the market, The X4 Extender has always relied on its own research and knowledge in devising better technology that gives better results.

All Information In One Video

Videos can tell more than words. X4 Labs created a video with all information about the function, materials, certifications aso.

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High Quality Penis Extender – No Comparison with Competitors

Having used and reviewed several popular male enhancement devices, like FastSize and the like, I’m still to come across a product that comes even close to matching the technology and results achieved . Take, for instance, the absolutely great Comfort-Strap Technology developed by X4 Labs, which allows you to wear the penis stretcher for a much more longer time without having any comfort problems. X4Labs realized this simple but very important fact regarding penis traction devices that longer you use and wear them, the better the gains and results achieved! And for longer use, a pain-free experience is indispensable, which is ensured by the Comfort Strap technology.

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X4 Labs Video Section

Customers love to see a product in action before purchasing. The manufacturer opened a video section to give the customer a first introduction. You will get an overview of the function and the different parts of the device explained in an easy and clear video. Click on the link below to go through.

The Strongest Spring Tension on the Market

tension springsBesides the Comfort Strap Technology one of the most unique Addon-Feature is the 2100g Spring Tension. X4 Labs spent a lot of time to increase the speed of your penis stretching process. You just have to replace the basic 1500g Spring Tension with the 2100 and you will instantly notice faster results.

X4 Labs Reviews – Assured Flexibility

What I also found incredible was the flexibility if buying a premium model from the online shop. By using the 3-in-1 Hybrid Support Piece in the premium models allows you in a very flexible way to switch  between Customizable Loop Fastener, Comfort Strap and especially Silicone Noose. The main and guiding principle of the X4 Labs Penis Extender Device is to make sure a maximum of comfort to the user that’ll enable him to use the device for longer duration of time, which in turn results in maximum gains, both in terms of girth and length.

Overall, our best rated product with a 180-days’ Growth Guarantee on Deluxe, Gold, and Premium models!

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Overall User Rating (4.9/5)

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