Vibrating Condom Cock Rings!

Undercover Condoms Review – Do They Really Vibrate!

Undercover Condoms analyses and compares 5 different vibrating condom rings that are otherwise popular, but let’s see if they really titillate. For the uninitiated, vibrating condom rings are a rage among the sexual players. The male wears the ring on top of a condom so that it rests comfortably on the penis. The ring carries a small vibrator. With the vibrating ring, each time you thrust into your partner, the tiny vibrating head will rub against her clitoris and send a wonderful feeling of extreme pleasure at just the right time. The best part of vibrating condom rings is that they are completely adjustable and made of soft material that not just enhances the sexual pleasure, but is also completely safe and does not hurt either your penis or your partner’s clitoris.

Let’s turn our attention to the 5 vibrating condom rings recommended by Undercover Condoms:

1. V-Spot Vibrating Ring: With a diameter of 25mm, V-Spot Vibrating Ring lasts about 15 minutes (although the company claims that it lasts for good 20 minutes!). One thing that is suspect about V-Spot is the quality of plastic used in its manufacture because some users have reported discomfort to the partners when it rubs the clitoris a little harder.

vibrating condom 2. Trojan Vibrating Ring: Trojan Vibrating Ring comes with a diameter of 37mm. The company claims it to last for about 20 minutes but that’s not the case. The lasting time is not more than 12-13 minutes. It has raised dots, which enhances pleasure for some but can also damage the delicate clitoris if thrusts are strong.

3. Durex Play Vibe Ring: Quite similar to Trojan Vibrating Ring, the Durex Play Vive Ring also comes in 37mm diameter. However, its clear/white color can be a turn off for some. Usually, a skin-colored (light pink) vibrating ring always rank high among women with high adventurous streaks.

4. Elexa Vibrating Ring: This vibrating ring from Trojan is lightly lubricated, ribbed and with a bulbous end. The extra feature on the ring is a twin-edged sword. Some women simply love extra massage while others are quite sensitive about it.

5. Lifestyles 4Play Vibe Ring: This ring is slightly small in diameter with 35mm. There is small grip texture inside the ring. This ring makes use of the slide click on/off switch and a wider ring. With a 5mm raised bump and many more small nubs, increased pleasure for some is possible.

Alternative Vibrating Cock Rings

While the abovementioned vibrating condom rings are quite popular, yet you may like to explore one of other recommended products in the same category, i.e., HotGVibe Vibrating Ring.

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