Volume Enhancement Pills

ejaculiation pillWhen it comes to promising results, ThunderLoads does it with no holds barred attitude! Consider this. These pills promise increased (a) ejaculation volume; (b) sexual pleasure; (c) hardness; (d) power; (e) sexual stamina; (f) libido; (g) sexual stimulation; (h) virility…You name it and they promise everything! Let’s see how ThunderLoads actually fare.

For starters, they contain natural tonics, aphrodisiacs, and herbs to achieve the task of improved sexual pleasure. So, the start is good, as you don’t know how the added chemicals can behave. Since ThunderLoads do not contain any chemicals (that’s what they say), it is a natural product with supposedly lesser side effects.

Ingredients of ThunderLoads

Let’s see what’s exactly in there! The herbal concoction of ThunderLoads is made of naturally occurring tonics known in the traditional medicine as natural aphrodisiacs. They include:

1. Maca or Lepidium Meyenii, which contains multiple minerals, like calcium, magnesium, manganese, Vitamins A, B complex, C, E and Amino Acids.

2. Black Musli or Curculigo Orchioides, which is a widely used Ayurvedic herb for treating ED, libido problems, and low sperm quality and quantity.

3. Cnidium Monnieri Plant, whose seed is commonly used in traditional Chinese medicines for its ability to relax the corpus cavernosa that is largely responsible for managing blood flow and erections.

4. Tribulus Terrestris, a common traditional herb with a history of use in Eastern Europe and China for increasing testosterone production in the body, and improving sexual stamina and performance.

5. Piperine, which is a compound of Black Pepper, is added to increase the bio-availability of certain herbs included in ThunderLoads.

6. Cuscuta Chinensis, Tu Si Zi and Dodder seed, which is a Chinese herb used to treat impotence and premature ejaculation.

pills again premature ejaculationSo far so good! The herbal ingredients are known for their positive performance in sexually deprived men. But as with many other volume enhancing pills, somewhere down the line, the makers of ThunderLoads couldn’t get these ingredients in the right quantity in each pill. While some users have reported positive results, but many say that the pills just didn’t work at all for them. This is most likely the scenario when the ingredients are not enough for men with seriously acute problem of sexual under-performance.

What About All the ThunderLoads Promises?

While there is no doubt that ThunderLoads may work for some, but our advice will be not to get too carried away by all the promises made on their website. At best, modest improvement may be observed in the sexual performance of some men, but “intense and incredible orgasms” may still elude you if you are relying heavily on ThunderLoads to solve your sexual problem.

Final Observations

If you are looking for value-for-money product for improving your sex life, ThunderLoads may not fit the bill, but if you’re just a flinger who wants to dabble with volume enhancement pills, you can safely try ThunderLoads, as its contents are not threatening and unlikely to cause any serious side effects. For a wholesome sexual performance, we recommend you try out one of our best selling volume enhancing pills.

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