Multiple Vibrating Condom Rings and Vibes!

The Screaming O Review – Plenty of Sound, No Fury!

Screaming O PictureThe Screaming O vibrating cock rings scream like anything on their website! With a huge variety of condom rings and vibrators, Screamingo makes a brave attempt to sell their products. But the big question is: “is there any fury behind this sound?” Indeed, it’s tough to overlook the catchy homepage and the entire layout of their website. The bright red background sets the mood up only to be dampened by the performance of their products.

Essentially, ScreamingO offers two products – vibes (or vibrators) and rings (condom rings). The vibrators are primary means of providing sexual pleasure through clitoral masturbation, while the condom rings double the pleasure by providing constant clitoral stimulation during sex.

What Are The Products

ScreamingO vibration rings offers plenty of variety in both the products. We take a look at 2 items each from the vibes and rings.

Vibrating Bullet is a portable mini vibrator that is available in multiple colors. For starters, generally, we do not recommend anything resembling metallic for clitoral stimulation. It is a definite no-no if one has a sensitive clitoris, which needs gentle massaging for maximum satisfaction.

how does screaming go workThe Screaming Octopus vibrating cock ring is a waterproof vibrating bath buddy, which titillates with its multiple-tentacles-like body. But, on a serious note, would you like to take an object with an ominous sounding name down to the most erogenous part of your body? Though its design is cute but somehow, does not titillate enough both visually as well as performance-wise.

The site got its name from Screaming O – a disposable vibrating cock ring that has unique knobs to vibrate the penis as well as stimulating the clitoris. The problem with this penis ring is its very objective. While it’s difficult to satisfy one partner, it aims to provide pleasure to both the partners with its unique design. The end result is non-satisfaction of the woman or quick ejaculation of man.

Double Vibrating Power with Screaming O?

Two-O Double Pleasure Ring is another attempt at providing pleasure to both the partners with additional vibrating unit. Where single unit failed to achieve the purpose, the story of double unit is no different.

While the efforts of ScreamingO are laudable, it’s the problem with execution part. The double or triple vibrating units are indeed innovative but a little fine-tuning is still required in their manufacture to match quality cock rings, like HotGVibe Vibrating Cock Ring, as a value-for-money product.

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