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StaminaX Review – Increased Performance Time!

StaminaX strikes at the most important, yet least bothered about, sexual problem – the endurance! Not surprisingly, most sexually unsatisfied women blame premature climax of their partners as the prime relationship-buster. The size of penis, foreplay, correct posture, etc., all play an important role in sexual activity but if you can prolong the duration of the activity by controlling the ejaculation time, you bet, your girl will be exclusively yours for the rest of her life! StaminaX, as the name suggests, precisely does that by increasing the stamina required for a fulfilling sexual encounter.

StaminaX Review – How Does It Work?

ingredients of staminaxThe company manufacturing StaminaX claims that the product contains natural ingredients and no chemicals. However, we would’ve loved to see the precise ingredients of StaminaX in order to make an informed choice. In this age of consumerism, this kind of secrecy is unacceptable. Having observed this startling omission from the company, we’ve received plenty of positive reviews (along with a few negative ones as well!) from the users, which compels us to take a closer look at the product.

StaminaX has a 3-months’ course with the normal dosage of 2 pills a day. The company claims that it very rare that you need to take the pills for more than 3 months. And here is the most surprising part. The company claims that “if you are strict to your pills then a course of 3-6 months is sufficient to cure all sexual problems.” The operative word is ‘cure’. Well, the claim sounds far-fetched.

StaminaX – Are the Pills Safe?

In the absence of any information on the ingredients, it is difficult to pronounce that StaminaX is side-effects free, as claimed by the company. The company further claims that StaminaX pills are “non-hormonal and non-habit forming”, which is reported as a fact by several users.

If what the company claims is taken on its face value, StaminaX can be seen as a god-send product for partners suffering from lack of passion and pleasure in their sex lives. However, some of these claims must be taken with a pinch of salt because any herbal product offering ‘cure’ for sexual problems is quite uncommon.

We recommend you to give StaminaX a chance. If it works (and it does work for some couples), nothing like it! And if it doesn’t, you can always avail their 60-days money back guarantee.

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