Non-Surgical Solution to Penis Enhancement?

Quick Extender Review – Worth The Investment?

Quick Extender Pro Penis Extender has recently undergone a major re-engineering procedure in order to enhance its performance as well as user-experience. But the results are even worse than its original avatar!

The USP of this device is claimed to be its non-surgical approach to penis enhancement. But the use of Quick Extender Pro Penis Extender will force you to think if it’s better to undergo surgery than using this traction based device. It promises to give you more length and girth, harder erections, Peyronie’s treatment, better sexual experience, improvement in cases of erectile dysfunction, and all this with zero side effects and affordable price (at least they claim it to be affordable!). But be warned! These promises may turn out to be just promises.

The re-engineered version is equipped with Double Strap Support (DSS) System, which uses two medical grade silicon tubes to secure the penis head and shaft in order to deliver more controlled tension and discounting any chance of slippage. However, its safety mechanism leaves a lot more room for improvement.

How Safe is the Quick Extender Pro Device?

The first thing that comes to mind for any penis enlargement product is its safety. After all, it’s the most sensitive organ of a male body that we are concerned about! Quick Pro Extender claims to be a Class I Medical Penis Enlarger Device, CE certified, and has also passed several clinical trials concerning safety and efficacy. Again, these are mere claims of the company, which may or may not pass the muster.

Expectedly, the website is silent on safety aspects of Quick Extender Pro Penis Enlargement System. However, you need to read some independent customer reviews that have experienced discomfort and pain during its usage. “The DSS System needs fine-tuning as it can become itchy after some time. I wish the experience was pain-free but Quick Extender Pro led to stiffness in my penile tissues, which kept me off from sex with my girl for 4 days. A little pain was anticipated, but at times, it became unbearable,” claims one such reviewer.

Quick Extender Pro Penis Extender Review – Is It Really Worth the Money!

Quick Extender Pro Penis Enlargement System is certainly not one of those cheap traction-based penis enhancers. It is an over-priced product that has a suspect safety record and quite unbelievable claims. It won’t be a bad idea to explore tried and tested penis enhancers.

The results achieved could be taken into consideration, but if the gains are accomplished at the cost of convenience and comfort, we won’t recommend such a product. Technology wise, perhaps Quick Extender Pro Penis Extender needs a lot of brushing-up, and some attention should be given towards making the product user-friendly and safer to use even for the first timers who dread pain in the sensitive body organ.

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