Phallosan Penis Stretching System

Phallosan Review – A Vacuum Protector

The Phallosan Penis Stretching System is based on the traditional vacuum and stretching procedures that were popular among tribals of Uganda and holy sages of India. Undoubtedly, the science behind this twin-edged sword is proven and the net result is multiplication of penile cells; thereby, increasing penis length considerably. Unlike most other penis enhancement products and devices that are traction based, Phallosan is a relatively painful device that also advocates application of weights to achieve male enhancement.

Phallosan Review – How It Works?

The Phallosan Penis Stretching System uses the power of vacuum to apply gentle stretching to the penis, which ultimately results in formation of new penile cells. The manufacturers claim that the product is comfortable and meant for up to continuous 10-hour use. But the claim seems exaggerated as is proven by failure of most vacuum based male enhancers. Whatever the company claims, the technology is not a painless one and you may also be exposed to the risk of injury with its amateurish use. However, Phallosan is a certified Class 1 medical product as per the directives of the European health authorities like EC Council Directive 93/42/EEC and satisfies Standards EN 980, EN ISO 14971 and EN ISO 10993-1. Thus, user discretion is advised considering the pros and cons of the Enlargement System.

The company claims that a study was conducted under the supervision of Professor Dr. Sohn, Chief Physician at a German urological clinic in January 2005. Further, the data collated was evaluated by Dr. Hanikel, senior consultant in the clinic. The results were encouraging with all the patients experiencing penile length and girth gains, besides stronger and firmer erections. Even some patients with penile curvature also reported some degree of correction. Though this study and its results cannot be independently verified, yet we don’t have any reason to disbelieve the company’s claims. The modest reported gains are in line with the widely accepted standards established for traction based penile enlargement devices.

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Phallosan Finals – The Package

Phallosan comes with all the necessary attachments and accessories, like foam rubber covered silicon ring, elastic belt for fitting around the waist, nickel-free clip for attaching the vacuum condom, pump ball for creating a vacuum, protector cap for the glans, buckle for individual adjustment of the belt, and vacuum condom in 3 sizes. The better part of the package is perhaps the 2-weeks’ return guarantee for the users that feel uncomfortable wearing the device.

In this Phallosan Review, we showed you the benefits of the device and the gains you can earn by using it regularly. For More Information we recommend you to visit the official website of the product.

While on the website, we highly recommend you to use a unique feature, “Penis Calculator”, which tells you exactly what to expect in terms of penile length gains. This add-on is a food for thought for other penile enhancement devices, pills, and products.

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