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PenisMaster Penis Enlargement Device Review – The Original TOPE!

PenisMaster (PM) Penis Enlargement Device adopts a no-nonsense approach to penis enhancement. Formerly known as PeniMaster, this device is one of the oldest available in the market. The claim of original Traction Oriented Penis Enlargement (TOPE) device is not ill-founded, as PenisMaster enjoys considerable public support.

The design and durability of the device has successfully undergone an elaborate testing period, which has thrown some very promising results, i.e., up to 3 inches of penis length along with some girth gains. All this goes on to make PenisMaster one of the trusted penis enhancement devices around.

PenisMaster Penis Enlargement Device Review – What It’s All About?

PenisMaster Penis Enlargement Device is a simple traction based male enhancement device that is designed for surgery-free length and girth solutions. The base of the PM device is specially designed using high-impact synthetic that prevents it from breaking or bending. The fastening strap is also quite comfortable and don’t hurt (like the noose in so many other devices).

You can even adjust the bottom of traction rods for up to 1 inch. The device comes with fully-adjustable traction rods that can be easily reassembled. What’s more? You can even measure the tension being applied on the penis with the help of spring-loaded gauge that comes along with the device. The device also comes with a swivel attachment, which enables the penis to move in multiple directions without any discomfort.

PenisMaster Penis Enlargement Device Review – Results

PenisMaster Penis Enlargement review can never be concluded without a word on its results. The company claims an increase of 0.2 to 0.4 inches per month, on average, for a total average gain of 2.55 inches. However, this device is not too helpful if you wish to increase the girth as well, which requires you to purchase another product called JELQ Device. This is the only catch you’ll find in this product.

With two separate devices for length and girth gains, PenisMaster device flops when compared to some of the better products, like SizeGenetics and FastSize.

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