Not For Jack Seeking ‘Long’ Male Enhancement Solution!

Long Jack Review – Multiple Brands With Common Results!

long jack pillsLong Jack is one of those male health products that are available under different brand names but the name of the product strangely remains ‘Long Jack’. Let’s have a look at the most popular of these, i.e., the pill is manufactured by AIDP, Inc. To start with, the official website of the product needs a little more elaboration. There is simply not much info online to inspire confidence about LongJack among men suffering from penile ‘shortness’. This lack of information means that prospective buyers either use trial-and-error method or trust honest online reviews, like this.

Long Jack Review – Does It Work As Advertised?

tongkat ali supplementLongJack contains traditional Malayan herb, Eurycoma longifolia Jack (ELJ) or Tongkat Ali, which is known for its multiple healing properties, especially improving male sexual health and performance. Essentially, it’s beneficial as an aphrodisiac and not of much help if you are looking to increase penile length and girth. There is no other ingredient in LongJax and each capsule contains 400mg of LongJax 20:1 extract and the dosage is one-capsule-a-day.

The results of Long Jack, if any, are either unsubstantiated or negligible. There is no scientific basis or clinical results to show the positive impact of LongJack as a male aphrodisiac.

Affordable But Non-Recommendable Supplement

Long Jack is definitely affordable for a month’s supply. But the question is – is it recommendable considering that there are no money-back guarantees with the product?

Basically, in order to trust this product, you need to have 100% confidence on its sole ingredient, i.e., Eurycoma longifolia Jack. However, there is little scientific data or the clinical results to show for the efficacy of this male enhancement pill as an effective male libido booster. It would’ve been a different story if Long Jack also contained one or two other proven ingredients, like L-Arginine.

Final Comment

sinrex supplementFor men with depleted sexual energy levels, this male enhancement pill is not exactly what you are looking for. With products like VigRx Plus or the Sinrex Supplement offering proven results, it is not recommended to opt for a low-price-low-performance product, like Long Jack.

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