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Libido-Max Review – Innovative But Fails to Flatter!

Libido-Max Male Potency and Female Libido Formula is a product which comes in 2 parts – “Doctor Developed 2-Part Male Potency Formula” and “Doctor Developed 2-Part Female Libido Formula” and they have jointly named it as “Romance Package.” While the idea, of having two separate libido-boosting formulae for males and females, is laudable, but the execution of this idea leaves a lot to be desired. After coming in for a lot of flak for lack of information about the product, the manufacturers of Libido-Max have provided some information for both the products on their website. Although we laud the effort from the manufacturers in introducing dual product, yet there is something missing in the product ingredients, which is responsible for not-so-great ratings on performance meter.

Libido-Max Review – Reveals a Little, Hides a Lot!

The first thing that crosses the mind while visiting the official Libido-Max website is the amount of information about the product, which reveals a lot but hides the essentials! Part One is meant to support the ability to achieve and maintain erection, while Part Two provides the targeted nutraceuticals that generate sexual desire and drive. However, the process or the function of each ingredient is missing.

Similarly, “Libido-Max is not a drug – it’s a 100% natural libido booster for men and women”! But how the specific ingredients help in boosting the libido in men and women remains unanswered. And – “unlike most sexual enhancement products that only target performance, LibidoMax works on both desire and performance for real satisfaction”! But how does the product actually works and what are the effects? No one knows.

After receiving loads of negative publicity surrounding the secrecy behind the product, the company has now, at least, emerged wiser and provides some (not all) details about Libido-Max. Earlier, they won’t reveal the price of the product unless you give some personal details for billing.

The prospective users will certainly like to see more information forthcoming from the company before buying. Moreover, the user-unfriendly website needs to be made more professional in order to generate some confidence among the prospects.

Libido-Max Review – Final Word

The entire purpose of having a website to sell the product online is defeated in case of this company. With so little information about the product, it’s difficult to repose faith in the product by simply reading their website. Therefore, you may be excused if you opt for better alternatives, like Sinrex Male Enhancement Pills or Male Extra, without even trying Libido-Max. At least, you will be assured of what you are buying, what are the expected results, whether the company selling the product is reputed or not, whether the product is safe or not, how does the product actually work, what are its ingredients, and so on.

Though the price of this product is a saving grace, but the product will sell well only when you are divulging vital details about it!

For instance, one of our reviewers was of the opinion: “I tried Libido-Max, despite the unwelcoming stance of the company, in the hope of improving my sexual stamina. Unfortunately, like the website, the product too was a disaster. Stopped using after 1 month.”

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