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Jes-Extender Penis Enlarger Review – One of the Oldest Devices!

jes extender reviewThe Jes Extender Penis Enlarger has been around for over one-and-a-half decade and it’s quite popular and trusted brand among physicians and those suffering from the problem of being ‘small’. The USP of Jes-Extender lies in its ‘no non-sense approach’ that promises realistically and delivers well. Even the price  is quite affordable compared to some of its other contemporaries. With an added benefit in case of curvature correction, it is a truly value-for-money product that has already helped over 100,000 men by enhancing their manhood.

Jes Extender Review – Its Modus Operandi

The penis stretcer device is a simple traction-based gadget that relies on applying natural pressure to the penis so that the tissue cells are expanded and ultimately multiply in order to gain length and girth. This uncomplicated technique is a tried and tested measure adopted by tribals to elongate their necks and other body parts. The only thing you need to do is apply the device for a considerable period of time using appreciable pressure (that you can comfortably bear). Apart from gaining length and girth, you can also use the JesExtender if you are suffering from Peyronie’s Disease and gain considerable improvement.

Does It Really Improve Size By 28%?

This is perhaps one of the trickiest questions to answer in a review for any penis enlargement product. The manufacturer promises to increase penis length by 28% on an average. This figure is arrived at using clinical trials on the users according to some specific guidelines and sustained use. Though the company says that continuity of use is less important than the length of time it is used. However, even traction requires some time of continued use to show results. Therefore, to arrive at an average of 28% gain is slightly unfair. But if you trust traction technique for achieving length and girth, then this product is surely a quality product.

Compared to our best rated devices the Jes Extender is a good and quality product for penis enlargement. If you need some further features like videos, exercises, male enhancement supplements you should read the X4 Labs and Fastsize Review

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